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The High Plains Drifters Long To Reignite Flame With Ex-Lover “Virginia” in Debut Single

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The High Plains Drifters Long To Reignite Flame With Ex-Lover “Virginia” in Debut Single

“The High Plains Drifters bring together a bygone sound that is reminiscent
of the true country standards of yesteryear that recall Cash, Jones,
Perkins and Haggard”- Glide Magazine

Born with a desire for the finer things in life, a passion for rock-n-roll, and a rich background in the entertainment industry, The High Plains Drifters are the new band that is merging various genres of infectious music that speaks to the rebel in all of us. Gearing up for the fall release of their self-titled album, this veteran band of wanderlust musicians delivers a unique rhythmic backdrop that showcases an array of melodies, hooks and tongue-in-cheek lyrics that make it impossible not to sing along.

The LP, produced by Greg Cohen (Christina Aguilera, Blondie, Celine DionLil YachtyJustin Timberlake and more) and Charles Czarnecki (asst. musical director for the Broadway musical Jersey Boys), conceptualizes a listening experience of a sonic road trip across the country, where your radio station of choice automatically tunes into different musical genres as you travel. As they propel the listener through various genres (pop-punk, Americana, mainstream rock, ballads and more), one thing is certain: The High Plain Drifters offer a cohesive body of “feel good” rock-n-roll. 

Front man Larry Studnicky (lyricist, lead & backup vocals) is often called a younger and healthier-looking version of John Goodman. In actuality, Studnicky is the lawyer who, at the turn of the millennium, structured and closed the landmark label and publisher deals that ushered in the world of digital interactive radio (enjoyed today by listeners of Pandora, Spotifiy, etc.). The band also features Charles Czarnecki (producer, songwriter, keyboards, percussion, lead &backup vocals), John Macom (rhythm & electric guitars, lead & backup vocals) and Mike DoCampo (rhythm & electric guitars, backup vocals), all of whom are lifetime friends that created the group purely to bring happiness to listeners’ ears.

Before coming together as the The High Plains Drifters, the group’s members and producers worked alongside an such legendary artists as Michael Jackson, Pete Townsend, Mary J. Blige, Brian May & Roger Taylor of Queen, John LegendSuge Knight of Death Row Records, Fred Schneider of the B-52’s, and Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees. John Macom’s music has been showcased in indie movies and TV shows, including Dawson’s CreekParty of Fiveand Felicity

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hpdmusicThe High Plains Drifters Long To Reignite Flame With Ex-Lover “Virginia” in Debut Single

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